Throughout the year, Sigma Chis across the world put all of their efforts into fundraising and community service. The same can be said for the Kappa Sigma chapter at Pacific. From our annual philanthropy events (Derby Days and Sigmaghetti) to weekly community serivce (VSP Bowling and Saturday PIE), our brothers are alwasy out and about doing what they can for the community. Last year alone we were able to raise close to $5,000 that went to multiple charities including Sigma Chis national philanthropy, Hunstman Cancer Institute. Our chapter also supports other oragnizations in their philanthropic endeavors that help charities for the homeless, blind, and starving. As Sigma Chis, we strive everyday to give back to the community and the world, so that we can do our part to make it a better place. Take a moment to read about our philanthropy to learn more about the ways that we help the community.

Our most successful and most well-known philanthropy event is Derby Days. Derby Days is an annual, week-long philanthropy event, usually thrown in the spring semester, that pits the four sororities of the Pacific campus against each other in friendly competition. The ladies of Alpha Phi, Delta Delta Delta, Delta Gamma, and Kapp Alpha Theta are asked to compete in different tasks and events throughout the week and they earn points based on how well they perform in these events. These events inlcude skits, karoke, obstacle courses, decorating, and much more. The seniors of the Kappa Sigma chapter serve as judges for these events and a slew of younger brothers act as coaches for each participating organization, encouraging them and also competing for their respective organization. Along with physical competition, we also promote educational competition by giving out points to sorority ladies who learn facts about any form of cancer or the Hunstman Cancer Institute. We do not only want to have fun with Derby Days but also educate about the causes, effects, and prevention of cancer in today's world. Derby Days for out chapter is our largest fundraiser and all of the proceeds go directly to the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

Sigmaghetti is another annual philanthropy event that the Kappa Sigma chapter holds every Spring semester. The idea for the event originated from another Sigma Chi chapter and we have adopted it. For the price of a normal meal, students and faculty come to the chapter house to enjoy an all-you-can eat Italian dinner. The meal includes classic Caesar salad, freshly-made garlic bread and bowls upon bowls of spaghetti topped with either marinara or alfredo sauce.  Along with dinner, raffle tickets are sold for an assortment of prizes usually including sporting event tickets, gift cards, signed memorabilia and much more! In recent years, all of the proceeds have been donated to the Okizu Foundation. This non-profit organization is committed to providing recreational, respite, and peer supported programs to meet the needs of all members of families affected by childhood cancer.

This year, we brought back a traditional philanthropy event, Aerospike. Aerospike is a grass/sand volleyball tournament in which teams of 4 compete to see who are the best volleyball players on campus (excluding the Division I Men's Volleyball Team of course). The winning team receives the honor of being the best volleyball players and also get a gold volleyball for all of their hard work and effort. This year, Aerospike was held on September 29th and was hosted with the lovely ladies of Delta Gamma. There were many teams participating in the event and they came from all different places on campus. Many social fraterntities and sororities joined in on the fun, as well as professional fraternities, clubs and organizations, and groups of friends. The Pacific Women's Soccer team helped out by selling snow cones to participants as well as the large crowd that came to watch the games. The Pacific Men's Volleyball team also assisted us by refereeing the matches, ensuring that we had the best of the best officiating the games. From all of the fees collected that day, the event raised over $1,000! This money was split equally between our chapter and Delta Gamma and will go to each organizations philanthropy, Huntsman Cancer Institute and Service for Sight respectively. We hope that the success of this years Aerospike will help us to make it an annual event and to make it an even bigger succes in the years to come.

Other philanthropy related activities that we do throughout the year involves lots of community service and helping out within the Stockton community. Some volunteer groups that Sigma Chi are regular participants of are Saturday Pie and VSP. Saturday Pie occurs several times throughout the semester and involves college students spending time and doing activities with children to get them interested in college. This involves playing games with them, having organizations on campus give them a presentation and teaching them about the benefits of getting a higher education. Very Special People Bowling (or VSP for short) is a weekly event each Sunday. Special needs adults all come to a bowling alley and are allowed to bowl a few games each week. Volunteers meet here and help them participate in the games if individuals need help. We also help them by cheering them on and supporting them.