Franklin Howard Scobey

"courteous & loyal in his friendship"

Frank Scobey was not only the main proponent of what is called “The Spirit of Sigma Chi,” but he was the embodiment of that philosophy. Even in the young fraternity’s gloomier moments, Scobey could be relied on for cheering up the group with his eternal optimism and his conscientious attention to the qualities of true friendship. His generosity in providing for the needs of his friends was the very defi nition of courtesy, and he was unfailingly loyal. Scobey was said to have been popular even with the enemies of the founders.

Despite his agreeable nature, Scobey joined Ben Runkle in leading the rebellion within Deke, demonstrating his belief that principle outweighs blind loyalty. Even as an 18 year old, Scobey was as mature in his thinking as he was sunny in disposition. His encouragement to the other friends as they tried to establish the fraternity as a viable organization cannot be overestimated.

Scobey’s commitment to his studies was equally impressive. His scholarly success led him to a degree in law, but he also worked as a journalist in his Ohio hometown. As strong-hearted as Franklin was, he was never physically robust, and he was affl icted by hearing loss.

He died in 1888, but clearly his spirit lives on in Sigma Chi. Scobey was a kind and courteous human being, and had deeply held convictions regarding the power of relationships among friends with differing traits and beliefs.